League Rules

  1. Refs -- All full teams must provide at least two certified player refs to help officiate games.
  2. Players -- Players must age 18 or older, and cannot be members of a college team (NCAA or college club). Note that players may be college students.
  3. US Lacrosse membership -- All players must be members of US Lacrosse (or the Canadian equivalent). Each team is responsible for verifying this information. 
  4. Game rules -- Play is conducted according to US Lacrosse rules for HS Varsity teams.
  5. Rosters -- Teams must submit rosters to the league prior to the first game of the season (and may add players as needed). Roster must contain the players name and the US Lacrosse membership number.
  6. Borrowing players -- Teams may borrow up to two players not on their roster for any game without forfeiting. Borrowing additional players will result in the game being considered a forfeit.